Reasons Why You Should Consider LANAP for Your Dental Procedure

Oct 13, 2022 | LANAP Laser Gum Treatment

Why Consider LANAP for Your Dental Procedure

LANAP treatment benefits patients by enhancing their periodontal health. It is a less invasive form of periodontal surgery that is safe and shows profitable results. Learning more about LANAP treatment can help you determine if this treatment procedure is the best for you in addressing your gum disease.

What Are The Benefits Of LANAP

LANAP treatment can improve your oral health through the regeneration of bone and gum tissue. It can save teeth from getting lost and prevent the further bone loss that can generate functional, oral health, and cosmetic concerns. This review discusses three reasons, why you should consider LANAP treatment if you have moderate to severe gum disease. 

Less Invasive Procedure

LANAP, also called laser-assisted regeneration, is an approved form of periodontal surgery that uses lasers rather than the traditional way of surgery. This form of laser surgery is performed to improve periodontal health through periodontal regeneration, which is the renewal of lost bone and gum tissue that sustains teeth. Many dentists encourage patients to get LANAP treatment because it is less invasive. It is especially useful for patients that may feel nervous before a traditional surgical procedure. There is little discomfort after the process is over, and the patient will not feel much during the procedure. 

A Very Simple Recovery

The recovery process is simple with LANAP than with other types of gum surgery. With other surgeries, it can take a few weeks to fully heal and there is a risk of an oral infection if the patient does not take good care of their oral health. While there may be some discomfort, and it is still very crucial to keep the mouth clean during healing, the process to a full recovery is less uncomfortable and quicker with LANAP. Since there is less swelling, bleeding, and sensitivity, the risk of an infection after a LANAP process is much less significant.

LANAP Gives Promising Results

LANAP is a fairly new procedure among periodontists and oral surgeons. It leads some patients to ask queries about its effectiveness. However, the results are promising and uncontroversial. LANAP promotes gum tissue and bone regeneration much more than conventional gum disease treatments like scaling and root planing. It can help patients reverse the effects of gum disease and prevent teeth loss and the necessity for bone grafting and dental implants. Complications during the process are rare as well. Most patients experience minimal swelling, bleeding, and tooth sensitivity. Of course, each patient is different and should discuss their specific situation with their Phoenix dentist before treatment. 

Keeps Your Teeth Healthy

Laser gum surgery keeps your teeth healthy. Due to the accuracy of laser gum treatments, this technology can keep the parts of your teeth that are still healthy.

At the same time, laser gum therapy works wonders in removing any cavities you may have. Suffering from a severely bad bacterial mouth infection? If that’s the case, then keeping any teeth that are in good physical shape can confirm that your gums are stronger in the future.

LANAP Laser Gum Treatment Is The Future Of Oral Health Treatment

If you would like to know more about the LANAP treatment in Phoenix then it would be beneficial if you reached out to our dental office to schedule a consultation with our periodontist. Our trained dentist will be able to give you a comprehensive oral examination and identify if the LANAP procedure is the best solution for your gum infection or oral issue.

Call us today if you have been looking for the best periodontist in Phoenix.

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