Crown Lengthening

Functional Crown Lengthening Procedure

This is a procedure to help save severely fractured or damaged teeth.

crown lengthening

Teeth do fracture and decay, and many times this can occur under the gum line. Your dentist will recommend a functional crown lengthening procedure for this situation and request that Dr. Augustine performs a localized surgical procedure that will address this issue.  He will adjust the gums and bone around the tooth or teeth in question so ideal health can be maintained and the tooth can be treated by your dentist. The gums and bone are receded and tightened around the tooth and this will expose the decay or damage part of the tooth. 

The gums will need a minimum of 4-6 weeks to heal and stabilize. Then the dentist can complete the needed repairs on the tooth or teeth. This procedure is performed to save the tooth and avoid extraction(s). Unfortunately, in some circumstances, Dr. Augustine will recommend removing the tooth because the damage is too great and the repair to save it is too costly and will only result in a poor prognosis. If this is the case, we will discuss a single dental implant or bridge alternative.  Your dentist will always be informed of the treatment and outcome and we will coordinate your follow up care.


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