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Feb 7, 2022 | Dental Blog

There are times when a patient needs to replace all of their teeth. If the natural teeth are damaged or missing due to injury, election, or decay, it puts the patient at risk for bone loss in their jaw. In addition, lacking a complete set of teeth impacts one’s quality of life, creating difficulty eating, speaking, and can affect one’s self-esteem. If you’re considering your options to replace all your teeth, there is a choice where you can receive new teeth in just one day.

What is All on 4 Dental Implants

All on 4 on Dental Implants is a prosthodontic procedure where you receive replacement teeth the same day that the teeth are extracted. The technique uses four fixed implants supported by a full fixed bridge. These implants replace the entire arch of teeth. It can provide you with a cost-effective solution compared to using a separate implant for every tooth that needs to be replaced. It’s also a good solution for people who need to replace all teeth without using traditional, removable dentures. This procedure is an oral surgery that a trained surgical specialist performs. These implants replace the natural teeth with a permanent prosthetic solution that has been shown to improve functionality while decreasing the risk of bone loss and periodontal disease.

Who Needs All on 4

The procedure is best for patients with significant tooth loss or decay and for people whose bone loss in the jaw area prevents them from getting conventionally oriented (vertical) dental implants. It’s for people that are looking for different options to traditional dentures. Surgically implanted in the jawbone, All on 4 Dental implants prevent bone deterioration that can lead to periodontal disease. Also, our patients that have had this procedure share that it is more convenient to care for, not to mention that chewing and talking is easier with the All on 4 rather than removable dentures. Finally, All on 4 dental implants do not need to be resized like traditional dentures because there is no additional bone loss to cause slippage. Individuals looking to replace all of their teeth and do not want to consider a removable denture option or are not a good candidate for individual implants should consider All on 4 as a viable solution for their needs.

What is the Process for All on 4

The supportive dental implants will be strategically and surgically placed using computer-guided technology during your procedure. They will be spaced throughout your jawbone to support a set of fixed prosthetic teeth. The All on 4 protocol is for at least four implants in a jaw. The back implants are typically angled approximately 30 to 45 degrees from the biting plane. The implants are placed in both the upper and the lower jaw and support a complete set of prosthetic teeth.

What is Recovery Like

After your All on 4, we will do everything to support your speedy and complete recovery. Immediately after your surgery and for the first 48 hours following your procedure, you’ll want to apply ice packs/cold compresses to your face to help reduce swelling and help control the pain. A good rule of thumb is to have the ice on your face for 20 min, then rest for 40 min, and then repeat with ice.

Starting the day AFTER your surgery it’s a good idea to do a saline swish every 4-6 hours. Rinsing with a saltwater solution (½ teaspoon of salt in an 8 oz glass of warm water) is helpful for healing, plaque control, and cleaning after meals.

For 5-7 days after your surgery, you’ll need to eat gently. This means avoiding hard or sharp foods and foods that are likely to irritate the surgery site, such as acidic or spicy foods. It’s essential to keep your calories up as your body heals, so be creative to maintain a regular caloric intake with soft foods during your recovery. Also, it’s important to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate post-surgery to aid in the healing process.

Remember, it’s Doctor’s order that you refrain from strenuous activity for the next day or two. Recline and rest as much as possible. You should concentrate on the above instructions and maintain good nourishment, liquids, and take your medication as directed. We are happy to provide the necessary documentation for work or school that verifies Dr. Augustine’s recommendation to rest and refrain from strenuous activity post-procedure.

All on 4 dental implants can be an excellent choice for patients looking for a permanent prosthetic solution for their teeth. The health benefits of avoiding additional bone loss and potential infection added to the lifestyle benefits of a beautiful and functional smile are all reasons why All on 4 could be the best choice for your dental needs.

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