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Esthetic Crown Lengthening

Improve the Esthetics of Your Gum Line

By repositioning the gum line and exposing the full contour of the enamel, an immediate and dramatic improvement in the smile occurs.

For patients with a “gummy smile”, it may appear that the teeth are shorter than normal or look like the teeth are baby teeth. In reality, it is often simply a case of the natural contour and beauty of the enamel being hidden behind the gums. Gum surgical procedures are available to lay the groundwork for beautiful restorative and cosmetic dentistry by improving the esthetics of your gum line. By repositioning the gum line and exposing the full contour of the enamel, an immediate and dramatic improvement in the smile occurs. In addition to the esthetic benefits derived from crown lengthening, the procedure can also improve your overall periodontal health.

When the gum tissue does not recede normally as adult teeth emerge, pockets can form in the gums, which can result in advanced periodontal disease. By contouring the gums through crown lengthening, you can improve the look and confidence of your smile and also prevent future problems.  In addition to correcting a gummy smile, esthetic crown lengthening may be necessary after orthodontic treatment (braces) because as the teeth are moved into ideal position they can often time crowd the gum tissue. This is un-esthetic and unhealthy.  The re-shaping of the gums after braces often times is the ultimate step in a patient’s quest for a beautiful smile. Crown lengthening is often completed in one visit as the excessive gum tissue that is hiding your teeth is removed to expose the normal length of the tooth.

Benefits of crown lengthening:

  • An enhanced appearance of your teeth so that they no longer look short or like “baby teeth”
  • A much more attractive and harmonious smile
  • An improved self-image and more self-confidence
  • A relatively short healing period with little to no discomfort
  • Immediate visible results

Dr. Augustine can discuss your crown lengthening case in detail at your examination.

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